Sunday, June 17, 2007



Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As some of you know, I turned forty last year and am thus facing the usual conundrum of men hitting the middle ages – of wondering how (and whether) to change my life. The simple stuff has already been initiated – of avoiding social evenings in which the food is not great and/or the women not beautiful, of cutting out vegetables from the daily diet, and of upping my football sessions to twice (and maybe thrice, family permitting) a week. But the monumental changes that mark the watershed of one’s life haven’t happened. My wife still looks pretty good to me, and I have no intention of dumping her for some anorexic 22 year old (maybe fifty is a better time to implement this one). I still enjoy my work, so not much point in taking off to some lonely spot to do organic farming. And my reading habits, puerile though they are, will be inhibited by my lack of time, poor concentration and deep disinterest to take a sudden inclination towards Kafka or the classics. And therefore, there is this grave void in my life that requires fulfillment.

Well so what, I can hear you all saying, and how does this concern you?

Well, so I have decided that I will write a monthly paper on some topic of my professional interest and foist it on to all of you to read. And my request to you would be – please do read it. And, if you have something to add, subtract, multiply or divide, please do respond.

In the process, I make the following promises to you. First, that each paper will be no longer than two pages. Second, that it will be ready and circulated on the 15th of every month. Third, that I will stay away from my usual interests, which I have already been published on, such as herding goats in cold desert regions and football.

Love me, hate me, but please don’t ignore me!

With best wishes,

Ajit Chaudhuri

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Joshua said...

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